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Justin Graves Speaking Request

Justin Graves (HESONWHEELS) Speaking Request Form
Please use this form to make a formal request for Justin to motivate others at your next event! Justin has professional speaking experience with ages from 5 - 55 and is more than willing to work with you, personally, to craft a relevant, motivating, and timely presentation for your event. For these reasons, please try your best to provide as much detail as you feel comfortable below.

*Please e-mail justin.graves@vt.edu if you have any issues or questions about filling out this form.
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Also if yes, in your words, what is your organization's mission? What are you all passionate about? *
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What kind of event is this? *
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How long will Justin be able to speak for? *
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Will Justin have access to AV equipment if necessary? *
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Please enter any additional information that may help us in providing you exactly what you need based on this request.
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