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First, I’ve always found it difficult to put myself on paper. I use a blog to show both myself and others the various parts of my life that combine to create the person that I have been blessed to become.

Second, it’s all about my disability.  I strive to show others that living life using a wheelchair is not the end of the world and it is certainly not a death sentence.  From cooking to traveling to working and meeting new people, I most often share my blog with people who also have disabilities as a way of showing them that life does not stop at your diagnosis.  Perseverance truly can conquer anything – if you try.

Third, I am moreso about others than I am about myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to wake up in the morning without a purpose, and I take great pride in that. I use my blog to remind myself of that everyday.

So, please use HESONWHEELS.com as a way to explore this life and all of those aforementioned interactions and experiences.  Every so often, I can easily go back years in time and see what I was doing on that particular day, and it’s an easily-accessible, vulnerable, honest, and legitimate vault … that we all just happen to have access to.

See, the reason I love connecting with new people is because we all have stories.  I’m happy to share my stories with you, even if you’re a world away and we’ve never met.  I post authentic stories here.  They aren’t always the most vulnerable, but when they are, they are real.

Exploring the Grand Canyon (south rim) in Arizona, with my "brother from another mother", Billy P.
Exploring the Grand Canyon (south rim) in Arizona, with my “brother from another mother”, Billy P.

Also, I love to travel and have been to more than 20 states and more than double that number of colleges and universities – but I’ve never been outside of the country. That’s a goal of mine in the very near future. I also love to eat – I enjoy trying new recipes and seeing where my culinary skills and adventures might take me. What better way than to document all of these adventures?

Speaking of goals, that’s a lot of what you’ll find on my blog.  I’ll be blogging about everything from what I learned from the people that I have met, to the fun times enjoyed with friends while traveling around the country, to the craft beverage I just tried at the local watering hole. All of this is in between naps where Charlotte, my Beagle-Hound mixed pup, is underneath my arm.

CHARLOTTE! You should get to know her.
CHARLOTTE! You should get to know her.

I want you to use my blog to get to know me.  At the same time, I want you to understand that who I am is not confined to this blog.  I look forward to meeting you someday so that we can share our life experiences, together. All in all, my blog will give you an honest look at who I am, in every area of my life.


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