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What a smart HESONWHEELS pup!

Last night, I just happened to be going through the backend of the website, cleaning up a few things before I hit the road for a few days. Specifically, I was making an attempt at consolidating a lot of the categories that I formerly used to categorize blog posts as I wrote them. As I’ve revamped the site over the past few weeks and months, many of them just weren’t as relevant.  This long, long process took me back to 2011 and reminded me that my blog and brand were originally established for that Homecoming campaign way back when in senior year of college. :)   This morning, I was reminded me of that yet again with a message from one of my best friends.


Now, I don’t necessarily think I was robbed per se, but it’s always nice to see a HESONWHEEELS shirt floating around out there in the wild!

Seeing that immediately took me back to a message I received earlier this year from a friend who had been inside a local Goodwill thrift shop. We eventually established the “Ultimate Hokie” bucket list as a result. Ask about THAT, it’s too funny. :)


The crown logo will live on!