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Unique question.

At dinner with some new friends tonight, I received a unique question.  Upon realizing that I have a completely ridiculous obsession with Apple products, a friend asked me – what’s on your home screens? How do you prioritize everything, what goes where? I thought that this would be a cool blog to write, because people do often ask me why do you need an iPhone, an iPad, AND a Mac? And how do you keep all of that organized?

Well, I own and use each because different devices do different things.  I’m really lucky and fortunate to be able to have all three, and having paid for each one after intentionally saving my money, I take care of each of them greatly. You’ll never see my iPhone without a case, same for my iPad, and whenever my laptop goes into my backpack, it goes into a case too. Double cases haha I use to have a clam shell case for my laptop but it made it heavier than such a light laptop should be.

Like most people, my computer is obviously for heavy word processing and long term internet browsing/usage.  My iPhone is for constant text (short) messaging, “phone calls,” and anything else I need access to virtually 24/7 like my to do list and calendar quickly. My iPad is primarily used for medium-time web surfing, taking notes, viewing articles, playing games, and watching movies – definitely more social things.

Here are my home screens for each device:

The desktop on my (October 2011) Mac Book Air 13 in. is a long-term to do list of projects or papers that I still need to work on. I try to keep it pretty empty. Don’t make fun of me – I do actually like for all of my backgrounds across devices to match.
My iPhone 4S’ home screen. Quick access to the camera, updating my blog, to do list, and facebook are most important obviously. The new notification center on the iPhone is extremely useful. Four most used icons are along the bottom row. The icons furthers to the right of the screen are used ore often, for quick access when using with one hand. 
My website, iTunes remote (controls my Apple TV. Yes. obsessed) and quick notes are on the second screen. As you can see, I’m an organized person and like my icons to be organized well.  
You can see a bigger focus on videos, games, and movies on the iPad 4. :)

All in all, there are certain uses for certain devices obviously. The best part, though, about owning all Apple products is that your content (photos, messages, calendar) can sync across all of them. If I make an edit to my calendar on my desktop, it’ll show up on my iPad. If I get an iMessage on my iPad, it shows up on my iPhone. The syncing provides you efficiency that you can’t really get when your’e constantly trying to make all of your devices talk to each other.

Consider this a serious endorsement for Apple. :)