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TONIGHT! LIVE ART Premieres on National TV.

Inclusion. Everybody. Compassion. Love. Art. Performance. That is LIVE ART.

Almost 2 years ago, I published this heart-felt, long, long post about an amazing, inclusive, and powerful program I had recently discovered. Although I didn’t begin that day as a part of their community, by the end of it – I was so deep and wanted to be even a bigger part of it.

That community is the LIVE ART community.

The above is the trailer from “From the Wings,” a movie about SPARC’s LIVE ART program.

Being witness to the LIVE ART project and its development changed my life. It re-sparc’d (see what I did there?) my passion for working with students of all abilities. In the smallest example, since meeting and working with staff members and students who are involved with the development of LIVE ART, I’ve learned much more sign language. I learned a whole other language just to communicate with some of these great people! I mean, isn’t that the definition of inclusivity? Otherwise, it firmly and passionately reminded me the importance of having a seat for everyone at any table and that there is limitless value added in practicing inclusivity.

The immersion you feel as an actual part of this program is something that I can only imagine. Because the sensory experience – visual, physical, spatial, compassion(al), … they are all there. I am grateful to have developed friendships with so many who are the heart of LIVE ART. If you watch this movie – you can get kind of close to that feeling, too.

Over the years, LIVE ART has impacted the lives of hundreds of students and it has also impacted dozens more staff member’s lives. I hope you will tune in – and at least for the short time that you are watching, it will impact yours, too.

“This big audience, just wanting to see you.”

Tonight, 9:00 p.m., your local Public Broadcasting System (PBS) affiliate. Check out that link, too – it’ll air again on Sunday and that calendar looks like it will be updated periodically in the future.

Thanks for reading.