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Where there’s a Y there’s an us.

Earlier this week I was on a call for one of the Board of Directors that I serve on, for the YMCA at Virginia Tech. Even though I don’t live in Blacksburg and haven’t for quite some time, I maintain this service role becuase VT and the surrounding community of Blacksburg is truly my home; as they often say, home is where the heart is.

For this meeting, a rep from Y-USA came and shared some of the Y’s refreshed national goals with us that will really help positively impact our work and align our campus-Y mission with Y-USA.

Along with their messages came this fantastic and really well-made video that is an appeal and ask for folks in our communities to help support the Y in any way they can.

I wanted to share it here with you; I think it’s really moving. 

“The Y fills the gaps and bridges our divides. A place where we can become us again…
Where there’s a Y there’s an us.”