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The typewriter artist.

Here’s some inspiration for you today, incase you didn’t already have some.

“When someone says I could never do that,” Paul answers…”What can you do?”

I recently found this profoundly inspirational nugget on the internet. Paul Smith’s art lines the walls of his nursing home. He took a cruise to Bermuda, and he even decided to recreate that into a painting as well. The most impressive piece of artwork in the video, I think, is his recreation of da Vinci’s The Last Supper. He was born with the palsy known as Cerebral Palsy, which affects how your muscles move.

As with all people with disabilities that I admire, he doesn’t let this change the fact that most people with CP are told that they won’t be able to handle a pen or brush. Just, watch the video. He has lived in this nursing home since 1967, and his friends call him a humble, gentle soul. I hope I can someday be half as creative as this remarkable man.