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The next chapter of HESONWHEELS: Everyday philanthropy.

When you think of the word philanthropy, what do you think of?

Money? Dollar signs? Donations? Charities? Do any of those words come to your mind?

Based on asking this question via HESONWHEELS and in-person over the past four months, those words are very popular “first-thoughts” when people think of philanthropy. Further, based on the light poll that I’ve done of education professionals and their supporters from across the world here in Austin this week – my assumptions were spot-on. Most people think of philanthropy as a financial obligation.

If you’ve been following HESONWHEELS for a while, you know that I truly, deeply, and intensely believe in my life’s motto: “Life is all about what you have done for other people.” As the month turns to March 2015, I am taking that to the next level, to officially begin the next “chapter” of HESONWHEELS: everyday philanthropy.

Everyday philanthropy is a simple mindset. The mission behind establishing and spreading this mindset it to take philanthropy from a financial assumption to a service-based obligation. What if we all set a personal goal of doing something nice for someone else everyday? What if we took the time to work with each ohter and focus on community service than focus on how much money we are making? What if we used those service-minded values to better our own experiences, as well as the experiences of those around us?

THAT is everyday philanthropy. 

In late 2014 I set a personal goal to take HESONWHEELS to that “next level.” I wanted to bring my little side-social-startup to a more national audience, by focusing on service, people, and engagement. I was humbled when I found out in November 2014 that my goal was already set to become true. I had been invited to speak at the major, epic, massive, large SXSW conference. From over 1,000 session proposals, Everyday Philanthropy was selected to be a part of the SXSWEdu conference for educators and their supporters and those who just believe in the importance of education (and, especially, how rapidly it is changing). After I get back home, I will be making a “Surviving South By” post – along with a post that highlights, in more detail, the science, stories, and people behind HESONWHEELS and Everyday Philanthropy.

Earlier this week, I travelled down here to Austin, Texas in order to deliver that presentation on Monday. In the audience were dozens of people from across the country and, even better, from across the world. The humans I’ve met here in Austin – from Denmark to South Africa, from Austin to Houston, and from D.C. to L.A. – have undoubtedly MADE my trip here. It’s helping get the messages behind HESONWHEELS out there on a greater scale – which was exactly the goal that I set for myself this year.

I’ve got more exciting news that I’ll be sharing on HESONWHEELS sometime between now and tomorrow – and when I do you can click here to learn more. :) Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re excited for the beginnings of Everyday Philanthropy.

Also, check out some photos from the trip to Austin thus far. I’m here for another week – so there is much more to come!

You feel a certain kind of of “YES” when you get to go through the Speaker Registration line.
We made it!
The stage for Future15s!
So meaningful to see the name of something you’ve worked so hard on a program listing.
Future 15. Room 15. Meant to be?
Arriving to the ACC on a rainy Sunday morning!
Ironically, one of the sites for the 2015 SXSWedu Conference is where I attended a NASPA Region III Conference two summers ago!
Great event! Also shared in a 1 Photo Everyday post from March 10.