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The little things.

Today isn’t even over yet and I already can realize that it has been a practice in “the little things.”

We all know them – the little things. The things that can make your day absolutely awesome and fantastic, but aren’t magnificent, huge, or world-shifting. 2 of them happened to me today.


First was on the elevator in the office this morning. You know the moment. You step into that case of an elevator and before you know it you’re ascending or descending, crushed next to a bunch of likely strangers.

This morning, the strangers on the elevator knew each other, each presenting as males on a work team headed to a meeting. They ask each other where their meeting is actually inside of the building, and neither new. One pulls out his cell phone – whups, it’s the wrong one. And then he finds the other.

When he finally locates the calendar appointment on his work cell phone, they identify the meeting room and announce it aloud. I work on floor 4. Their meeting is on floor 3.

I don’t the third floor quite as well, but I do know that the numbering convention around the building is identical between all 7 floors. And that numbering conversation, while consistent, is CONFUSING. I took a moment to speak up, knowing the building well, and offer them some advice.

“When you stop off of the elevator, turn left. All of the 600 rooms are on that wall of the building.”

One of the two men replies, “Finally! Someone who is willing to help!”

From their badges, I could tell that they didn’t work in our building daily, but had maybe frequented int he past for meetings. And I was right. And I hope that little piece of advice made their day. They sure did seem thankful for it!

We exchanged greetings, they headed on to their meeting, and I headed on to my office. It was great.


I was walking past my neighborhood grocery story, a must-do for me on the way home from the train station. Really, it’s almost impossible to get home without walking in front of or behind the grocery store that is planted between my home and the station.

As I walked by the station, I hear my someone shout out my first name. “Hey, Justin!”

I keep rolling for just a moment but when I realize that this voice is likely shouting at me, I turn around. It’s an old neighbor of mine!

And mind you, in the super-densely populated never-ending suburb of Washington, D.C. that is Northern Virginia this is a rarity, to even see a neighbor that you know much less an OLD neighbor that you know.

The thing is, I can’t even recall this man’s exact name, but I know that we used to live in the same building. I met him and his wife and their two kids numerous times. I learned today that he has since moved to a new home in Tyson’s, to more land and more space – a common move for people who start out owning property in my condo building.

It’s something small – running into a neighbor – but it just doesn’t happen the way it does in a small or more rural town (which I love). It was amazing to have that happen today – and to reconnect with this man who I have such fond memories of but had not seen for 8 – 10 months.

It was awesome.

Both little things were awesome.

Today…was awesome.

I hope your day was, too.

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Thanks for reading.