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Someone’s always watching.

Last year at a speaking event in Texas with a group of fourth graders, I was introduced to  the awesomeness of Kid President. His wittiness, optimism, and frank delivery made me an instant fan. Earlier this week, this picture was posted to his Facebook account. The quote caught my eye – because it’s essentially espousing many qualities that are very important to me: integrity, positivity, and optimism.

This is 100% precisely how I feel when it comes to my attitude and mindset. For me, it takes way less energy to have a positive mindset than a negative one. When I found myself getting down, I find myself getting tired; having a negative mindset just zaps the energy right out of me. Part of the reason I prefer being positive is that attitudes are contagious. Whomever may be watching may absorb those feels

And I mean this in a pretty informal way. It doesn’t have to be the fact that kids or elders may be watching you, but what if a complete stranger is watching you and something you do or a quality of your demeanor changes their entire train of thought? You may not ever know, but on the surface you have the potential to change that person’s life. It may seem like something small – but it doesn’t have to be, if you don’t want it to be. Even if they aren’t learning from you, they are at least observing you.

Think on that and consider adjusting your behavior accordingly? :)