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Pure wanderlust.

The New Oxford American Dictionary has a definition for wanderlust that is very, very simple but even more accurate. It reads, wanderlust: “a strong desire to travel.” Whoa, did I just get attacked with a strong, strong sense of wanderlust. It’s all thanks to this wonderful blog post that I recently discovered on AbleThrive. It highlights ten accessible destinations around the globe.

AbleThrive was founded by a friend whose father was paralyzed when she was younger. She wanted to create a space online where people in similar situations could find resources to assist in their transition into living life with a disability. She has absolutely succeeded.

From Mexico to Spain to Australia to the UK, it features reviews of countries around the world that are particularly accessible. This is something to definitely consider when travelling, as a person with a disability. While traveling anywhere nowadays is likely not off limits if you plan far enough ahead, you’d still want to put yourself in an environment that doesn’t have limitless flights of stairs, a lack of elevators, crazy cobblestone, or other barriers that could potentially be avoided.

For example, the list mentions that Barcelona is an old city that is relatively cobblestone free. Cobblestone can absoutely WRECK the alighnment and condition of a wheelchair!

One of the first goals I established – way back in 2015 – for the new year was to take better advantage of the U.S. Passport that I’ve only had of about 18 months! This list is definitely pushing me and encouraging me in the right direction.

Other cities on the list include Melbourne (Australia), Vienna (Austria), and even our very own San Diego (California). I can definitely vouch for San Diego – it’s one of my favorite American cities. I visited with my family when I was still in grade school, and a great time. In fact, my absolute favorite weather is “San Diego weather” – 70, a light breeze, and sunny!

Here’s the link to the full article from website Lonely Planet.

Learn more about Brittany M.’s journey as founder of AbleThrive here and here (the Dewey Awards was how Brittany and I became connected)! If you’re going to SXSW this spring, you can check here out here, also!