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YES! Open letter from VA to DC.

Just discovered this today. And my life is better for it. And yours should be, too. It’s going to be my go-to thing to send to friends from/based out of D.C. who complain about NOVA life or going to NOVA for some adventures.

From Taco Bamba to Marumen to the Mosaic District to Captain Gregory’s (look up and try something from every single one of those if you haven’t)…the author clearly did their work in eating through our region. There are so many references to amazing restaurants and affirmations of some of the greatest qualities of Northern Virginia.

No matter how often folks may knock the traffic and the congestion and the time it takes to get from point A to point B…this article’s facts can NOT be denied. If you’re a NOVA lover, check it out. If you’re a DC-ite and you’ve been trying to come around, then check it out too.

As the kids say nowadays … the letter may “give you life“.