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New VT Football Uni’s for the Battle in Bristol.

I’ve always been a big fan of creative, out of the box, sexy college football uniforms. We all know the impact they can have on recruiting, they are a gem to look at (usually), and it generally just makes everyone a bit more excited!

When it comes to Tech’s football uniforms, I get especially giddy when they incorporate any of our university’s storied history. I also love whenever we go with black uniforms, especially because one of my favorite VT facts is that our team colors, back in the day, used to be black and gray!

Kind of like these from the 2010 match up against Boise State. I even bought Tyrod’s jersey (I NEVER buy jerseys!) because I loved the attention to detail. Even though we lost that game, those have been my favorite so far, since I’ve been following Tech football in 2008.

But, now, we do have a close second.

That being said … I’m just gonna leave this here. Only 3 weeks left until college football’s bigger game…ever: The Battle at Bristol. Go Hokies!