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National Police Week.

With everything going in the media (and please trust, the aforementioned link is but ONE, and only ONE, example of that “everything”) concerning law enforcement, I wanted to take a moment to recognize many of the law enforcement officials I know personally. This country’s law enforcement network is one of the largest, most comprehensive, and cohesive networks in the world. Thanks to having luck in the family I was born into, I am grateful to know of the most dedicated law enforcement officials I’ve ever met – my Dad.

Through my employer, over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to visit and engage with law enforcement officials from all over this great country; from those defending our borders, to those defending the First Family. Law enforcement holds a very special place in my world, as the men and women who make sure not only I am safe but also that the decisions that I am making keep myself and everyone else safe as well. Whether it’s the D.C. police, the Secret Service, or military bases – I think laws are set in place for a reason, and those who are charged with enforcing them do not get enough credit for the tough calls and difficult decisions they have to make. More often that not they actually catch a lot of flack – for those times when they truly do have to enforce the laws that weren’t being followed.

As it is National Police week, I encourage you to honor those who have chosen law enforcement as a career, at any level. A simple thank you to a police officer, on-duty or off, can go a long way toward making their day and reminding them why they decided to choose such a courageous and often un-recognized (is that a word?) career path.

This week, I’ll be taking a moment on the way home from work to visit the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in D.C. – I’ve actually never been.

I’ve taken time to share a few “thank you’s”. Will you? #NationalPoliceWeek