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Music festival or food festival?

As I lament my return to the real world from an absolutely amazing weekend with 8 of my favorite people and 2 of my favorite dogs (and one of my absolute favorite American holidays!), I’m just sitting here staring at my calendar and procrastinating getting out of the couch (where I fell asleep last night). I’m like, “man, what do I have to look forward in the next couple of weeks?” Yes, I always am looking forward my job, but I’ve always, especially in my adult life, liked to plant little seeds of things to look forward to down the road.

For example, even with other trips, all summer, I’ve been meaning to plan a trip to Blacksburg for some business/service, a trip to Fort Lauderdale to visit one of my best friends, and to also finish the entire moving process that I began way back in FEBRUARY (there are still boxes ALL over my room!)! BUT…instead of planning or really thinking more about any of those, I ended up scrolling all the way into September in my calendar and remembering that my tickets have already been purchased for LANDMARK MUSIC FESTIVAL! I AM SO ECSTATIC.

And frankly even more exciting than the festival itself, at the moment (because I’ve been wanting to see Drake, live, for a while now), is this announcement that famed chef José Andrés is going to be curating the food court at the festival. If you read ANYTHING that I wrote about Firefly Music Festival, this year or last, you know how much I love the food at festivals. I’m happy to see that Landmark will absolutely, guaranteed-ly be no exception!

So. pumped. September: my birthday, Ohio State, and LANDMARK.

The rest of summer will just be filled in with random odds and ends at this point. :)