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Maranyundo Girls School [Opportunity to serve for a year in Rwanda].

For the past year, my best friend has been serving as an educator at the Marayundo Girls School in Rwanda. When she was preparing to leave for the trip last winter, it was pretty hard to believe that she would be gone for most of an entire year. It’s been quite the experience for her, and I’ve felt very fortunate to be able to hear about her successes, her shortcomings, and everything in between. As she makes plans for her next endeavor, she has been interested in finding someone to take over her position at the school.

Learn more about the Maranyundo Initiative here.

Her actual position at the school isn’t always super clear to me, but I know that the aim is to work directly with female Rwandan students, who are the age of American middle school students. The school is located in Nyamata, which is about 35 kilometers from the city. There is a strong church presence there, as she works with several nuns who clearly believe in the mission of the school. It seems like they have exceptional access to resources, especially in terms of technology, when compared to what people may assume those in the region may have.

She’ll soon be leaving her post at the school, and is very invested in making sure that the person who takes over her position is a good fit to work with these students and their supporters moving forward (that’s Ut Prosim if I’ve ever seen it!). If you are a female, or know of any females, who may be interested in a great opportunity to dive head first into international education and to live in Rwanda for most of a year, feel free to reach out and I’ll connect you both.  :)