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I’m predicting the beginning.

Prime Day. I’m here to tell you…

It’s. a. trap. 

They know what they’re doing. And, yes, they got me.

Amazon Prime is a savior in this first-world of mine. I always say “Own your privilege,” and “Privilege itself isn’t bad, it’s what you do with it.” Well, when it comes to the beauty that is 2-hour delivery, same day delivery if ordered by noon, dozens of audiobooks, Alexa, and the list goes on … and otherwise 2-day delivery on 99% of their massive world-wide inventory … I own my privilege.

This is not an ad for Amazon, but for the “un-indoctrinated”, Amazon Prime is a special membership to the popular consumption website (LOL), Amazon, where you gain access to dozens of special features and items as perks of your annual membership. It costs $99/year. Luckily, I got in back in November 2014 when life was simpler and things were cheaper. Anywhoodledoodle…

On to the real story here.

A pivotal part of my life is my morning routine. I shower almost exclusively in the morning, and waking up, getting the music or the NPR going, and other duties all take place in the bathroom. Showering, wound care, getting dressed, etc.

For years, since college, I’ve used a speaker in my bathroom. I always forget to plug in my cell phone at night so when I wake up I tend to plug it in, launch some acoustics, and then when I go into the bathroom I turn on my bluetooth water-proof shower speaker, and viola – they connect and the day begins.

So. Genius!

But when the Prime Day sales came around earlier this week I couldn’t help but think…

Man, wouldn’t it be nice to have Alexa in my bathroom?

The weather. Music. NPR. NPR ONE! Flash briefings. Uber hailing. My calendar. Grocery lists. Jeopardy and other trivia games. Hokie Helper. News Headlines. The next D.C. Metro train arrival. A bluetooth speaker to play anything I want, from my iPhone, otherwise. Never to be charged, always to be plugged in, always listening for and to be controlled by my voice. Always listening.

We all know about my accepted relationship with big brother – and that was the only con for me.

So, lo and behold:

I bought an Echo Dot for my bathroom. And only my bathroom.
And I predict that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

And it turns out I’m not the only one with this bright idea! I learned recently that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has Alexa in his bathroom, too! So, sure, maybe we are crazy together but hey – great minds think alike?