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For the most part, what happens in Montréal stays in Montréal. But there are some general things I MUST share with you all from a fantastic recent trip north of the border for a buddy’s bachelor party! Check out the slideshow below.

All in all, some must-do’s when you’re in Montréal:

  • Check out Mount Royal. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
  • Smoked meat at Schwartz’s.
  • Get some Timmy’s, better known as Tim Horton’s. (basically a Candian version of Dunkin’ Donuts in the states)
  • Go to a music festival.
  • Have a Montréal bagel. (preferably with brunch)
  • Ask locals where to go, too, especially if you’re looking for bars. Also, check out the huge and brewing ;) brewpub culture.
  • If it’s in season, go to a hockey game. This isn’t something we got to do though :( But Canadians do love their hockey.

And some logistical tips…

  • Use the Google Translate app – there’s a lot of french! It gives you a live translation (see the slideshow). It’s GENIUS.
  • Understand the foreign transaction fees on your credit card and make sure to exchange any leftover Canadian cash that you withdrew when you get back to the states, before you leave the airport.
  • Adjust your phone plan so that you can use Uber/Maps/etc. while you’re navigating. VERY important, in my opinion, when trying to navigate a new place.
  • Budget for lots of Ubers. It just seemed so much more convenient than the public transportation, especially with a big group of us.

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