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How to become more of a morning person.

I’ll share more details later, but I will soon embark on the next chapter of life that requires me to be MUCH more of a morning person. And, uh, news flash: I am NOT a morning person. I have to admit, whenever I do get up and move about earlier in the morning, I feel more productive, more healthy, and it definitely feels more natural. But even this blog post, right now, is being written at nearly 2:30 a.m. I find it easier to block out distractions this late at night, and therefore that’s when I can really get my best work done and perform with the most creativity.

One of the many reasons I like to fake like I’m a morning person every once in a while: gorgeous late summer sunrises in your rear view mirrors!


I know my night-owl tendencies are related to being able to more easily block out social distractions this late at night, but it’s still tough for me to resist. I’ve been this way ever since I could decide my own bedtime. So, of course, as an adult not too much has changed.

Anyways, I was perusing my Feedly recently when I came across yet another awesome infographic. This came from an article featured on Entrepreneur.com, one of my favorite spots on the web. Instead of talking about college and the utility a degree as I shared in a former post, this one was talking about how to become more of a morning person. The graphic follows – let me know what you think about it?

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