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HESONWHEELS Restaurant Reviews.

edit: 6/1/15 | You can use this link to access an archive of all HESONWHEELS restaurant reviews.

I was on a date recently and was posed with a really interesting question: how do you feel about food? My answer, after just a few moments of contemplation was, “Well, I eat out a lot and I cook a lot.” My date was like, “wait…how do you do both?” That was when I realized that I have a serious love affair with food.

I love to try and emulate recipes that I recently tried while dining out. I also love to try and create new types of recipes, usually focusing on what I call “fast favorites,” that are simple and quick and much more speed. I also love just appreciating the talent of a good chef and the blessing of great ingredients. All of those things combined…and I think you’ve got a great opportunity to get fat. Or if you like me, the only reason you ever go to the gym is because you don’t want to get fat.

And that, my friends, is why I’ve decided to begin a Restaurant Review portion of HESONWHEELS. Living so close to the D.C. area now, I find that people are constantly asking me where are some of my favorite places to go. Why not give them a single space on my blog where they can figure exactly that out – with detail and then some!

I hope you enjoy this new portion of HESONWHEELS (we just keep growing, don’t we?!) and if you have any suggestions for places to try in the DC/Maryland/NOVA area (DMV) (or even anywhere else that I might be traveling), please let me know!