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HESONWHEELS is going to Chicago!

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at Wednesday night trivia at Clare and Don’s with my good friend Ari W. She mentioned that her job was sending her to Chicago for a few days so she could take care of some work. She randomly says “hey, I don’t know what you have going on but you should come!”

Up front, here’s the moral of the story: Don’t suggest I should do something if you don’t really want me to. Cause I probably will.

In that moment, I whip out my iPhone and start looking at how much financial damage a flight to Chicago would do for me, especially in such short notice; we were less than 2 weeks out! Anyone who knows how airline pricing works knows that that is not a good thing.

I end up finding a great deal out of Baltimore–Washington International Airport and found a place to crash with a great friend of mine, John F., for when I arrived in Chi-City. I looked at my work schedule, realized I’d be able to dip out for just a day or two, and the rest is history. That’s how the adventure of HESONWHEELS going to Chicago was born.

That next week, I mentioned my trip to a good friend of mine who happens to have a disability. He also has always wanted to visit Chicago, just as I had it on my short list of places I really wanted to visit in the very near future. When he heard about it he asked me a simple favor: to let him know how it went.

I decided to do him one better and turn my quick trip to Chicago into a mini-event here on the blog. I’m going to live-tweet the adventure that is this trip to Chicago, and oftentimes through a lens of accessibility. What’s the airport like? What are the airline employees like? What are the accessible Ubers in Chicago like? Things like that.

If you’re interested at all you can follow me on Twitter (@HESONWHEELS, real creative, right?) or check out the hashtag #HOW2CHI that I will use in some of the posts. If you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and we did win trivia by the way. :)

C’mon, vamanos! Everybody let’s go!