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Endorsed: Superstore.

I’m here to tell you about one of the best new comedies on television that, if you’re bored (and, hey, even if you’re not) you must, MUST watch: NBC’s Superstore.

Rewind to last winter, and I was trying to find something good to watch on my Apple TV. I downloaded NBC’s on-demand app, and one of the new shoes that was highlighted on the channel’s front page was Superstore. That’s where our story begins.

The show premiered last winter and is pretty similar in vibe to the late 90’s movie Office Space, which is one of my favorites. Superstore is set in a place that’s just like everyone’s love-to-hate big box retailer: Wal-Mart. Except this one is called Cloud 9. The show has a hilarious ensemble cast with so many different types of characters. And that’s what really sets this show apart from a lot of the other comedies on cable TV that just never seem to catch or hold my attention.

The employees are a hoot and the show has a bright, optimistic feeling to it – something that is also pretty important to me if you want me to sit through an entire season of something. From Mateo (a filipino male) to Garrett (an African-American male in a wheelchair) to Amy (a Latina female) to Ethel (at least I think that’s her name, but she’s a like 90 year old white woman), the case is diverse at its truest definition. Folks of, not only different races but, different backgrounds and experiences too. How they each perceive situations that arise from the “People of Wal-Mart“-like customers and their takes on day-to-day life are great comedy.

Then there’s the weird relationships that are always awkward. There’s also the boss, Glenn, whose voice is absolutely hilarious (I ended up watching an interview of the actor on YouTube WITHOUT his “Glenn voice” and it was frightening. You can’t un-hear Glenn. You must watch if not just for Glenn!).

This Friday (tomorrow night!) NBC is actually gonna interrupt Olympic coverage to show an episode of Superstore, which is why I’m writing this blog now. I think it’s at 10:30 eastern time. The second season doesn’t start until late in September. Which is also another way to tell that I actually love this show – I almost never talk about or recommend shows until a full season has aired; I hate having to wait for the next episode. Netflix has definitely spoiled me!

So, if you need a recommendation on a new comedy to binge watch – get over to NBC and check out Superstore!