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Emotional absolutes.

Earlier this week, I was watching one of my favorite shows, Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. While I didn’t think Season 3 was as binge worthy as the first two, one of the best story lines this year (which started streaming on June 11th) involved Sam Healy, who has certainly grown on me over the 2 years I’ve enjoyed OITNB.

I wanted to share one of the more impactful quotes from this season – delivered by Healy himself. His words represent something I have practiced in most of my relationships and friendships, and strive to share with others every change I get. It’s valuable advice that translates well to being able to “argue well,” also.

“Words like ‘always’ are absolutes and using them is a way to reinforce what we want to believe. When speaking emotionally, absolutes can be dangerous.”

— Sam Healy
Corrections Officer & Inmate Counselor, Litchfield Penitentiary, Orange is the New Black