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Do you remember not being able to “Google” something?

I don’t. And I’m not even that old!

I remember growing up and learning what the internet was. I remember the gradual developments, from a dial-up modem where no one else in the house could be in the phone, to Ethernet that was way faster and seemingly always connected. And then came Wi-Fi in residential settings and man-oh-man was that a game changer. And then Wi-Fi became accessible and FREE in so many places. Then 4G and LTE came along, making it possible for us to load things and seemingly Wi-Fi speeds without even having Wi-Fi (let me go ahead and admit that I JUST got 4G in late 2014. I know. Late bloomer)! And, now, there are just options on options on how to access data and look something up quickly, ESPECIALLY if you own a smart phone.

Fun fact: my family primarily used CompuServe and not the classic AOL (although it is a subsidiary, now). THAT was a throw back. Netscape Navigator anyone?

So with the introduction of a revolutionary company and initial concept like Google, it’s safe to say that all of our lives were changed, and that Google was just the beginning. I am a firm believer in the use of technology, and I guess more specifically the internet, to change the world. Just yesterday I was reading an article all about how “fashion trends” are no longer a thing, one author wrote, because of the advert of social media and the elimination of boundaries to information flowing. I think using fashion as an example is a bit elementary (and unfortunately I couldn’t find the article for this blog) but I still completely agree!

So, thanks to Google, I wanted to share an image I found very interesting. Check it out: