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Coolest TEDx letters, ever. 

Obviously I’m a bit of a TED enthusiast, just by the reading of the title of the blog. 

TEDxTwinFalls took place a little more than a month ago, back in mid-April. But it wasn’t until today that I found this really cool display of TEDx letters from their event! The big red letters are a huge staple of and ubiquitous for any TED event, TED or TEDx, so seeing such an interesting play on them on Instagram earlier this evening definitely caught my eye! 

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Very cool #TEDx display. #tedxtwinfalls #twinfalls #red

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Seems like the theme for the event was “Unconventional Connection.” The wheels in my mind definitely started turning when I thought of the great ideas folks shared guided by that theme! Someone put me in touch with their art director! :)