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Chelsea Does: Endorsed.

A lot of people I know take themselves too seriously. Even if we are hard workers, young professionals, aspiring students, doesn’t there come a point where we can make fun of ourselves? Self-depricating humor is okay, but comedy is even better. That’s why I really, really enjoy Chelsea Handler.

In one of the episodes of her new show, Chelsea Does, she calls herself an egalitarian comedienne, i.e., she makes fun of everyone – no one group in particular is targeted or made to feel particularly offended. When it comes to light-hearted comedy, I guess I’m okay with that but what’s way more interesting about the show (and why I have so much more respect for Ms. Handler now) is how deep she goes.


There are four episodes where Chelsea uncovers (in order) and experiences marraige, technology, racism, and drugs. For example, in the marriage episodes she not only talks with some of her closest married friends about why they decided to commit forever to each other, but she also speaks vulnerably with her psychiatrist about why she hasn’t settled down just yet. In “Chelsea Does Racism,” Chelsea travels not only to the deep South of the United States, but also explores her own heritage and ethnic assumptions as a Jewish-American by traveling to Israel and interviewing a former President. Whoa, right?

Overall, Chelsea Does is, yes, filled with a touch of profanity and the frankness that Handler is known for but, overall, I actually feel a bit smarter for having watched the 4 episodes of Chelsea Does. I think you will, too. 

If you’ve got some free time on your hands, it’s now streaming on Netflix.