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Cheers to Moby.

I’ve had a ridiculous amount of free time on my hands lately. I am also a person who really likes getting things done. So … it’s been interesting …

I am also a person who keeps a lot of their to do lists electronic. Sometimes those to do lists get sort of “lost in the shuffle.” You know, it’s those e-mails at the bottom of your inbox that you KNOW you are going to reply to someday…but the day you finally get to it, it’s irrelevant?

Yes, I’m guilty of procrastinating. But on the flip side, I’m also guilty of developing some really intense marathon list-clear-out sessions, as I like to call them. These sessions are times when I log out of Facebook, put my phone in airplane mode, and turn off most notifications that could distract me. My only focus is my to do lists and what’s on them. Crossing items off, one by one. It’s quite liberating.

When I take a break from these sessions, I time them. And I don’t get on Facebook, I get on my Feedly (my love for which has been discussed at length on HESONWHEELS). I’ll read the news, headlines, and other interests for 10-20 minutes, then it’s back to it. Yesterday, though, I discovered something great on my Feedly that has really helped me spruce up these list-clear-out/productivity sessions.

It can be found here.

Thanks to music artist Moby, I now have a really interesting, new, calming, and focusing playlist of ambient music, unlike stuff that I’ve really heard before. I’ll admit, I know for a fact that I’m late to the Moby show, but nonetheless – I’m happy at it now. This is music I would even listen to driving down the road (as long as I wasn’t sleepy at the time)  – and let me tell ya, that playlist is exclusive. :)

Check it out if you’d like. I’ve read that it’s also great for sleeping and meditating, too. Or panicking. Whichever you prefer.