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You’ll notice that there is a particular category of posts on my blog that falls under “AC4P“. If you’re not a Hokie, or haven’t otherwise heard of this movement to change the world, you might be wondering what this is exactly.  These posts detail stories from my experiences through the Actively Caring for People movement & stories of how it has impacted my life and the lives of others.

How to get involved with Actively Caring: See. Act. Pass. Share.
How to get involved with Actively Caring: See. Act. Pass. Share.

Actively Caring is a large-scale movement that strives to change our daily lives through social interaction.  We offer a world chock full of more compassion and more recognition for acts of kindness for others.  Actively caring actions are anything that go above and beyond the call of duty in favor of another person

If someone does this for me, I pass them a green wristband.  If I see someone doing this for someone else, I also give that person a green wristband.  You’ll notice throughout many photos that I post on the blog that I am almost always wearing one of these green AC4P wristbands.  It’s all about pro-social recognition.  The pay-it-forward nature of the program has afforded me several unique stories to share, and many of which I do on this blog.. 

AC4P is partially where my motto came from:

Life is all about what you have
done for other people.

My life has been made better by these perspectives, and I believe that the AC4P movement has the ability to affect all of us similarly in a positive way.  I hope you find these stories enlightening, uplifting, and encouraging to go out there and perform your own Actively Caring acts for others. And hey, maybe you’ll even earn a green wristband of your own. :) Check out Actively Caring’s website for more information by clicking the globe below or the link in the blog’s header. 

An Actively Caring wristband embracing the globe, perfectly illustrating the goal of this movement.    Artwork by Nancy Poes.


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