“I’m a Deaf Uber Partner.”

I haven’t talked about it much on the blog, but most people in my day-to-day life know how particularly smitten I became with the ABC Family show Switched at Birth over the past couple weeks. Set aside the very family drama-high school nature of the show, I’ve become really impressed by their incorporation of not only American Sign Language (ASL) amongst many of its deaf characters, but also in the way that it helps shine a bit of a light on deaf culture. While I’m not deaf myself, I do have many extended family members and close friends who are. So, over the past many years, learning more and more ASL has become increasingly important to me. Just watching this TV show has helped me do that.

On the same accord, learning more about deaf culture and the opportunities afforded to people with varying types of disabilities has become a prominent social and research interest of mine. That’s a big part of the reason why I decided to accept the appointment from Governor McAuliffe earlier this year; to learn more about the plight that faces blind and vision impaired folks in our Commonwealth.

So, this morning, when I learned that yesterday the ride-hailing/sharing service Uber announced an update to their app that cements their partnership with their deaf partners (seemingly their term for drivers), I was actually impressed.  Uber doesn’t always get a lot of love from me to be honest. They aren’t that accessible in terms of my own physical disability, I think their method of surge pricing is oftentimes a bunch of crap, and they tend to overcharge me. Nonetheless, it’s a smart service that I will use in a pinch when I don’t have either the patience of the team to wait for a Metro train.  Seeing them reach out, especially in an area that has such a large concentration of deaf and hard of hearing folks, is impressive. You go Uber!


Testing Amazon’s same-day delivery today!

I don’t know about you, but online shopping really does take so much of the hassle out of life for me. I used to absolutely love somewhat aimlessly wandering around stores for aisles and aisles, just looking for that perfect thing that I may (or may not) have needed at that exact moment. But it was SO time consuming. As I grew older, and quite frankly as I gained more bills, I did that less and less often. Although I still love me some Tar-Jay and many other brick and mortar stores, I tend to be a bit more calculated with more purchases. Quite frankly – Amazon Prime has helped me do exactly that (and I think that’s the opposite for most people I know, where Amazon Prime has made them more reckless, and not more responsible)!

Now, I rarely buy anything on the same day, opting instead to put it on a list and then revisit it, asking myself, “Justin, do you really need that?” Whatever it is – whether it’s a cheese grater, a new watch, medical supplies, or food…it seems to have been working pretty well. For the past few years, I’ve found myself with less and less stuff, and more things that actually make it into part of my weekly, if not daily, routine.

And then this morning happened.

I read this article on my Feedly about Amazon’s new Same-Day delivery option, launching today. I’m only embarrassed a little bit to admit: there were a few things on my Amazon “save for later” list. Since the order minimum for this free same-day delivery option was $35, I immediately started thinking – Justin do you really need this? Yes. The answer was, obviously, yes.

So today’s entry to HESONWHEELS is dedicated to re-capping my experience with the first day of Amazon’s Same-Day delivery, in the D.C. metro area. I’ll update this post throughout the day with anything related to my shipment and experience ordering with Amazon today. If everything goes well, I hope it ends up being a service that is available in your area too!

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Fingers crossed: SXSWEco.

This post is mostly just a “thank you” along with a little look behind-the-scenes…

Last week, I submitted a proposal for a conference called SXSWEco. More on the conference itself, later, if I can convince you to read as far. :) I posted the proposal on my social media accounts, and encouraged friends and family to vote. Through the Panel Picker process, in order to actually make it as a speaker to SXSWEco, I have to not only have some support on social media (30% of overall feedback is social media), 30% of input will come from the staff and how much they see my proposal fitting into the overall SXSWEco program, as well as 40% of input coming from the Advisory Board of tried and true professionals. Quite the process, eh?

So first, thank you! If you’re reading this, that probably means that you read my “thank you for voting” post on Facebook earlier this week. :)

Now, for the look behind the scenes…

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Sunrise Calendar App introduces the Meet Keyboard.


“When are you available for lunch next week?” … Have you ever spent more time scheduling a meeting over email than actually talking over coffee? … If this question makes you cringe just at the idea of the never-ending email thread that it’s about to start, you’re in for a treat.”

These are some of the thoughts that Sunrise’s e-mail, as well as their blog post, posed me with this morning. I found myself screaming “Yes! ABSOLUTELY!” with big wide eyes at my screen. Their new creation aims to get around all of that, and I wanted to be one of the first to share it with you today.

Before I share “Meet” with you, I’m going to go out on a limb here: Sunrise is officially the best iPhone app (particularly, for calendars) that I have ever used. And I don’t say that lightly. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever said that about any calendar app ever. Read more…


Just…watch this.

I can’t remember the last time a video made me want to find my pup, Charlotte, and hug her any  more. I feel like, as humans, we always talk about how we don’t know how much time have left with our (human) loved ones, but what about those who we care about that are furry?

This video captures that in a wonderful, wonderful way. Keep on keepin’ on, Pegasus.

I also found this link to the story, that goes a little bit more on depth, on Buzzfeed earlier this morning. Check it out.

National Police Week.


With everything going in the media (and please trust, the aforementioned link is but ONE, and only ONE, example of that “everything”) concerning law enforcement, I wanted to take a moment to recognize many of the law enforcement officials I know personally. This country’s law enforcement network is one of the largest, most comprehensive, and cohesive networks in the world. Thanks to having luck in the family I was born into, I am grateful to know of the most dedicated law enforcement officials I’ve ever met – my Dad.

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Restaurant Review: Pleasant Pops


One of my favorite but unfrequented neighborhoods in all of D.C. is Adam’s Morgan. I don’t know if anyone else does, but I call it AdMo, in my mind, all the time. I think its two strongest points are great night life and great restaurants. It’s home to two of my D.C. favorites: Brass Monkey and Sakuramen.

As I tooled around town earlier today, looking for a nice outdoor space to get some work done (#TeleTuesday), I stumbled upon Pleasant Pops. Located in AdMo, Pleasant Pops is a very interesting little space. Primarily, I was struck by their fun name. I mean, come on: a restaurant that is established, apparently, on ice pops? HECK. YES. It’s not quite summer yet, but still…who doesn’t love a good ice pop?

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HESONWHEELS Restaurant Reviews.

I was on a date recently and was posed with a really interesting question: how do you feel about food? My answer, after just a few moments of contemplation was, “Well, I eat out a lot and I cook a lot.” My date was like, “wait…how do you do both?” That was when I realized that I have a serious love affair with food.

I love to try and emulate recipes that I recently tried while dining out. I also love to try and create new types of recipes, usually focusing on what I call “fast favorites,” that are simple and quick and much more speed. I also love just appreciating the talent of a good chef and the blessing of great ingredients. All of those things combined…and I think you’ve got a great opportunity to get fat. Or if you like me, the only reason you ever go to the gym is because you don’t want to get fat.

And that, my friends, is why I’ve decided to begin a Restaurant Review portion of HESONWHEELS. Living so close to the D.C. area now, I find that people are constantly asking me where are some of my favorite places to go. Why not give them a single space on my blog where they can figure exactly that out – with detail and then some!

I hope you enjoy this new portion of HESONWHEELS (we just keep growing, don’t we?!) and if you have any suggestions for places to try in the DC/Maryland/NOVA area (DMV) (or even anywhere else that I might be traveling), please let me know!