March 3. 

Some important things to know about me: I love fresh food, I really love garlic, and I really really LOATHE the smell of garlic on my fingertips. But anywho, this was dinner tonight, that uh didn’t quite turn out…but the intent was fresh salmon filets, lemon-scented, + a tomato-shroom salad (marinated with balsamic, olive oil, and garlic). Parmesan Cous Cous to the side with a homemade tomato-basil sauce. Yup. Longest caption ever, I know.


1SE, Part I.

1 Second Everyday 2015 (January, February, March 1) thumbnail

Back in January, I made it a goal to work on a big project for this year. It wouldn’t require a ton of my time, but it would require a ton of memory. I’m not a person who is much for a routine, so I decided to work on recording 1 second of my life: every. single. day. The idea was inspired, if not invented, by this TED Talk.

As I approach the spring months, one of my favorite things to do is to make a “compilation” and create “my story.” It may only be 1 second but it is fascinating how it helps you recall what you did on a certain day, even just 2 months ago. It also helps me realize where I spent a ton of my time: hanging out with my dog. Charlotte is a frequent guest star in a lot of the videos!

Enjoy the video – it tracks the very first moment of 2015 (when the ball dropped and I was celebrating with many of my friends from college) right to about 1 hour ago…when I spooked Charlotte by giving her a little blow on the nose. :)

I can’t wait until the end of the year to see how this ends up. Here’s to (hopefully) not ever forgetting a day! And, too, here’s to always having my phone accessible to record a moment! HA!

My project for March 2015: 1 Photo Everyday.

So, you know how I’m working on that 1 Second Everyday (1SE) project? I was looking over my calendar last week, and mentally preparing myself for the month of March and I realized just what an eventful month this is going to be. So I figured, also, why not take a photo of each day and post that to the blog as well? That’ll help me get back into the swing of things when it comes to blogging too, right?

Done. Enjoy!

Which country will you carry?

Like I blogged about earlier this month, the stories of entrepreneurship coming out of my home away from home, Blacksburg, are growing by the minute. It’s extremely exciting to see, especially on the national level. Last night’s episode of the popular ABC show Shark Tank is a perfect example of exactly that.

Jack and Alley’s company, Taaluma Totes, has an absolutely extraordinary mission, and I’m proud to have been a supporter of theirs ever since I learned about them back in 2013, and was introduced to their product directly through the Innovate community in 2014.

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